Roof Inspections

You can do a quick roof inspection yourself to assess any visible damage, but it is best to have a professional roof inspection if you suspect damage. An annual roof check is recommended for every homeowner, as it is much less costly to make small repairs than it is to wait until you have leaks or major damage.

First, walk around your home, checking for pieces of the shingles – called granules – lying on the top of the roof or that may have been washed down your downspouts. This is a common sign of damaged shingles. You can use binoculars to inspect the top of the roof. Also, look inside the home and on the soffits under the roof for signs of leaks that would include brown spots on the ceiling, peeling paint underneath the overhang of the roof, and water stains on your pipes.

We do not recommend climbing up on the roof – that is best left to professionals who know where to safely walk to avoid damage to the shingles. DUBO’s team will look for any damaged shingles, check for problems with gutters, and search for cracked or damaged vents and flashing.

Be sure to call DUBO Roofing for roof inspections when you are purchasing a new home, selling your home, or need an inspection for insurance purposes. Call us today at 904.396.1889 for a roof inspection and free estimate.