Watch Out For Hurricane Ian Scams!

Every hurricane brings problems for residents and businesses that are in its path. In addition to destroying trees, homes and displaced people, hurricanes also seem to bring out the scammers. South Florida residents are already dealing with scammers who come to their home, promise roof repairs, then take off with their money. Some of these companies promise they can not only restore your roof, but fix the water damage and do repairs to their home. These scams cost homeowners and their insurance companies millions of dollars and are the leading cause of the insurance crisis in Florida.

Hurricane Ian is shaping up to be the largest hurricane in terms of financial cost among homeowners and businesses in the storm’s path

In fact, the state has already made arrests of those individuals who are not licensed by the state of Florida to work on roofs.

You should be aware that it is now illegal for anyone to come to your door to sell you a roof. Some scammers will offer to check to see if your house is viable for solar panels, but after they come down, a homeowner is told they need a new roof – and they can provide the work and get insurance to cover the cost. 

As reported by First Coast News, there are some things you should look for when talking with roofer or any other contractor.

  1. Upfront Payments. If they are asking you for full payment upfront (often “for supplies”), that is a major red flag. 
  2. Unlicensed Contractors. The state of Florida requires professional roofers to obtain a license to do business in the state. Trustworthy contractors will give you their license numbers. If you are still not sure, check
  3. Companies that claim to be from FEMA or other government agencies. They may come in Emails, or text messages, and look like they are from the government. Some even have a .gov address.
  4. Price gouging. Some companies, even some that are licensed and bonded, may grossly inflate their charges following a natural disaster like Hurricane Ian. If you suspect price gouging, visit
Many homeowners were left with heavily damaged homes when Hurricane Ian crashed into Ft. Myers

Scammers and out-of-state workers are unfortunate side effects of hurricanes and other storms. Trustworthy companies can be booked up for months after the storm, but most will provide interim help to keep problems from getting worse, such as roof tarps.

You can get things moving by talking with your insurance company. They will tell you what they cover and how much you will have to pay for the repairs. 

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