How high winds and bad weather can impact your roof

Your roof is designed to stand up to almost anything Mother Nature dishes out. From heatwaves to hurricanes, your roof serves as your first defense against nasty weather. So how can wind damage your roof — and more importantly, what should you do when it happens?

damaged roof with blue tarp on top, palm trees blown by high winds

How can you tell if you have wind damage to your roof? 

Once the storm has passed, look for shingles on the ground, and inspect your roof for missing shingles and other signs of wear. High winds can damage your shingles without tearing them off entirely.

Be sure to look for other signs of damage, such as warping. If it looks like the corners of your roof are starting to curl up, or there’s a gap where the roof is separating from the structure, your roof is damaged. Failing to repair your roof puts it at risk of further damage. 

What to Do When the Wind Damages Your Roof

If you see or suspect damage to your roof, contact a licensed roofing contractor for an evaluation. The contractor will evaluate and document the damage with a written description, photos, and give you a detailed inventory of necessary repairs along with a cost estimate.

Wind damage is generally covered by homeowner’s insurance so contact your insurance provider ASAP to report roof wind damage. If you wait too long, you may be penalized. Your provider will send an inspector to look at the damage and inform you what they’re willing to cover.

Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Dealing with storm damage can be a nightmare. You’ll need a licensed contractor who can help you navigate the process, and ensure you get quality roof repair at an affordable price. Be aware that a licensed contractor should always provide you with documentation of the damage and a cost estimate for repairs at no cost.