How to Choose the Right Roofer

Choosing the right professional roofer is a critical step for protecting your home.

Who is a roofer?

A roofer is someone who is a specialist in construction of roofs, focusing on the materials that suit certain types of weather, and making your roof ready to combat any type of a natural calamity, be it turbulent wind, heavy rain or scorching sun. 

In case of a roof repair or installation of a new roof, you will need the contact details of a roofer. You can identify a proficient roofer by determining whether he provides you with excellent advice on the roofing products, explains the procedures well, and ultimately provides you with a roof that is leak proof and long lasting. Your choice of roofer could make or break your house, and your peace of mind, so be sure to take care these things into consideration:

Follow these steps while choosing the right roofer:

  1. Geography It is important to select your roofer on basis of your location. For e.g. Selection of a roofer and the roofing system will be different in New York than those in Florida. Installation procedures will be different as well. The geographical considerations also involve double checking that the roofer meets all the required mandates with respect to licenses and insurance. Remember, unscrupulous roofers are known to travel to other states following a natural disaster to try to pick up work, but not all of them are familiar with our local regulations and requirements and many of them are unlicensed.
  2. Kind of roof Many materials can be used for roofing. From asphalt shingles to wood clay tiles and even metal. You first need to select a roof suitable to your house based upon the climatic conditions, your goals and your budget. Then, you have to check and ensure that the roofer you have chosen is nothing less than a specialist in your selected type of roofing. 
  3. Relevant Experience  Roofs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are flat, some have mild slight slopes, while others have steep slopes, complicated valleys or peaks, or other distinct characteristics. You will have to make sure that the roofer you have chosen is experienced in the kind of roof that you have chosen.
  4. Minute detailing Be it roofing or any other task, we all know that paying close attention to details is what distinguishes you as an expert. It is important to make sure that the roofer you have chosen carefully pays attention to minute details and is a true expert in every sense. When you call references, ask if the roofer left the work site clean and tidy, for example.
  5. History : This works with every major decision you need to make, and how can you exclude choosing your roofer! It will always be an advantage to you if you can contact your roofer’s previous clients and more so, if you can actually visit their houses and check out the work done by your chosen roofer recently. Ask questions about how closely the roofer’s final price was to the estimate given, how prompt the workers were, and whether the homeowner was kept informed throughout the process. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, as well as Google, Yelp and other ratings sites to see how past clients rated the roofer.
  6. Checking them out while at work: Ever been to a restaurant where they let you see the entire kitchen and the chef actually preparing the food in your presence? Does it not feel more authentic when you actually observe them perform things? Similarly, observing your roofer while he is at work on a site will be very helpful. You will get a feel for the professionalism of the work crew by seeing them on the job.

In addition to the above, also check for a good price, professional behavior, trust quotient, quality and compliance with insurance and other regulations. Make sure your roofer is properly licensed by the state and is familiar with the specific needs of our region. Many regulations are specific to our area due to hurricanes, and you want to be sure your roof meets those requirements.