What Damages A Roof? Common Causes of Leaks & Roof Damage

Here in Florida, we are all aware of the hazards of hurricanes and tornadoes and the damage they can cause to our roofs and our homes. But there are several other common causes of roof damage you should be aware of and look for on a regular basis.

Wind damage. Even if there is no hurricane, thunderstorms and Nor’easters can cause very high wind gusts that can damage your roof. Shingles that are a bit loose can be peeled up and away by strong winds. The older shingles get, the more likely they are to break and possibly come off the roof. Wind can also pull branches loose from nearby trees and deposit them on your roof. It is a good idea to check your roof for damage after any significant wind event.

Hail. While we don’t have to worry about winter ice storms or snow here in Florida, we do have to worry about the small balls of ice called hail. Hail can happen any time of the year, and can be anywhere in size from tiny dots to golf ball-sized or larger. It is not a smooth ball, though, and the rough edges can put scratches, dents or holes in your shingles and leave bare spots. hand holding large hail stone in front of roof shingles

Sun. The Florida sun can not only age your roof prematurely, the damage caused by the constant heat and the sun’s radiation can cause it to warp, crack and decay. This is why DUBO Roofing recommends that homeowners begin to think about a new roof after 15 years, even if the roof was rated as a “30-year” roof. 

Rust and corrosion. Some areas of your roof, especially around chimneys, flashings, vents and the valleys of the roof are more susceptible to damage. Flashings, vents and other metal areas are subject to rust and corrosion and are common causes of leaks. 

Improper Installation. If your roof was not installed properly, you may experience leaks or other damage. Depending upon the age of your roof, it may not stand up to hurricane effects as well as a newer roof. We recommend anyone with a roof older than 15 years call us for an inspection and free estimate for a new roof. 

Poor roof maintenance. Clogged gutters, tree limbs on the roof, bunched leaves and pine needles, mold, moss and mildew are a few of the things that can damage your roof. These can be hard to see if they occur in the valleys of your roof, so it is best to have a professional inspection to be sure your gutters and roof are clear of debris. Moss, mildew and even algae can grow quickly in our hot, humid climate and cause damage to the shingles and underlying roof structure as they rot and retain moisture.

Depending upon the circumstances, your insurance company may provide coverage for repairs to your roof. DUBO Roofing also offers affordable financing for new roofs, which can include the cost of your insurance deductible. 

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