Hurricane Season is Heating Up – Is Your Roof Ready?

Preparing Your Roof For A Hurricane

As Hurricane Gert swims safely out to sea off the Eastern U.S. Coast, the folks at the National Weather Service are warning us not to be too comfortable. A revised NOAA forecast calls for a higher chance of a storm this season – a 60% higher than normal chance!

The updated report is based on a warmer than usual water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean plus an El Nino in the Pacific Ocean. These two factors mean the rest of this hurricane season is likely to be more active than other years. Read more from News4Jax.

Last year, Hurricane Matthew caused roof damage to manimage of Hurricane Gert mapy local homeowners and at least some of that damage could have been prevented with a little work ahead of time. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your roof is storm-ready.

Inspect Your Roof Before The Storm

Now is the time to make sure your roof is in good shape. You can look at the roof with binoculars or from a second-story window if you prefer. Look for curling, loose or missing shingles, especially around the edges. If you have an attic, look to see if any light is getting through the ceiling that could indicate spaces where water or wind can get in. Or, call DUBO for a roof inspection and we will give you a full report. See more about roof inspections in our blog post.

Check For Things That Can Damage Your Roof In A Storm

Trim tree branches so that they are well away from the roof. Trim away any broken branches, too. Remove any debris on the roof itself, such as fallen branches. If you need help, contact a licensed tree service in your area. Clear out your gutters so that water will flow freely and not back up onto the roof.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Make sure your homeowner’s policy is up to date and review the amount of hurricane insurance you have. High deductibles could make it difficult to pay for a new roof if you need one after a hurricane. Knowing what you are covered for in advance will help you plan for the worst. DUBO works with insurance companies to make sure they have all the information needed to cover your claim.

Hurricane Preparedness Resources

Here are a few useful resources to help you prepare for the rest of hurricane season.

Jacksonville Emergency Preparedness


Clay County Emergency Management

National Hurricane Center Preparedness

Red Cross Hurricane Safety