The storm has passed, everyone is safe, but you may have damage to your roof or a roof leak. What do you do now? DUBO Roofing recommends these four steps:

  1. Don’t Panic! There is no immediate danger and you have time to address your roof problems.
  2. Don’t Endanger Yourself By Climbing on the Roof. Storms often damage tree limbs and power limbs that could be on your roof and present a hidden and deadly danger. Let the professionals do it.
  3. Assess The Damage From The Ground. Walk around the house and take photos of what you see. If you can safely take photos from a second floor window, do so.
  4. Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor. A local, licensed professional roofer can temporarily solve your roof problem and prevent any further damage. Then, they will work with you and your insurance company to do the permanent repairs.

DUBO Roofing is currently operating with emergency hours. If you have an emergency need, call 904.237.0623. If it is not an emergency, please call our office or fill out a contact form.

Beware Unscrupulous Roofers

Unfortunately we see it every time there is a bad storm or hurricane in Florida – out-of-town people flooding into the area to offer roofing repair services. Often they are not licensed anywhere, let alone in Florida. And after the repairs, they are nowhere to be found. Don’t be taken in by scammers. Learn more.