Why You Should Not Install a New Roof Over An Old One

Putting A New Roof Over An Old One Can Cause Problems

photo of angled roofWe often get the question “Can I put a new roof over my old shingles?” from our customers. The answer is a firm “No” and there are many reasons why that is a bad idea for the homeowner.

First, If we do not remove the old shingles from your roof before we add a new one, then you would no longer be eligible for a warranty. The shingle manufacturer will not cover the new installation because there is not way to be certain of the origin of any potential problems.

In addition, adding a second layer of shingles will be unsightly. Over time, shingles buckle, curl on the edges or are damaged by falling tree limbs or hail. If we installed a new roof over top of that, it would not be smooth and level. Your new roof would not look very good!

We Check the Decking Under Your Roof

Under your roof is a deck made of plywood and when we remove the old shingles, we always inspect that decking to be sure there is no rot or deterioration of the wood. Sometimes the decking has to be repaired or even replaced in sections. So it is important for the security of your home that we check that decking as part of a new roof installation. Otherwise, mold or wood rot might continue to grow silently and without you knowing.

An additional layer of shingles also would trap heat and moisture which will make your new roof age more quickly and also keep your home hotter inside – not a good idea in the hot Florida summers we have.

Removing the old roof from your home is an important step in installing a new roof. As you can see, it would be a bad idea to simply apply a new roof over an old one.

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